Why companies choose Aalterpaint

Tailored products

We develop the product you need. Tell us what your problem is, and our professional team will find the best solution for you.


We can offer you advice on how to correctly apply our products. Different surfaces and quality requirements call for specific methods and coating thicknesses.


Our team guarantees an expert service. After the development, test phase and production, a team of experts supervises the durability of the products. We can also issue certificates if required.


Aalterpaint supplies a wide range of industrial paints: fire-resistant paint, anti-corrosion paint, industrial coatings and much more. We search for the solution that best fits your application, no matter how challenging the conditions. This means that you get a paint tailored to the needs of all your projects and clients.

Our paints protect your construction from the elements as laid down in the ISO standards on corrosion protection.

Team of professionals

Choosing Aalterpaint is choosing paint tailored to your needs with comprehensive service and a quality guarantee. With more than 50 years of experience in industrial paints, we can take care of all your painting issues quickly, smartly, and with the right expertise.

A team of experts ensures the quality of our products all the way from the early stages of development to the final delivery. Reliable solutions and service guaranteed for every industrial application.


We develop formula paints for every sector. Clients with different industrial backgrounds have submitted their projects to us. Our team of 35 professionals come up with the right solution. Aalterpaint has extensive experience with clients from five different sectors.

Metallurgical industry

We deliver to companies that turn steel into a range of finished products.

Packaging industry

Our packaging coatings are applied on steel packaging, such as steel drums, and on can packaging such as spray cans and drink cans.

Industrial painting specialists

These companies specialise in applying our products to metal structures.

Metal construction

Aalterpaint delivers products to companies that specialise in steel construction projects such as bridges and pylons, and companies that construct steel structures for buildings.


Clients who want to market products under their own brand can also come to Aalterpaint.