• Micaceous iron oxide
  • Intermediate coat / Topcoat
  • Epoxy
  • 2K
  • High Build

Apecoat MIO E93-75

Two-component epoxy high-build intermediate and finish coat based on micaceous iron oxide.

Recommended use

High-grade anticorrosion protection of steel structures in industrial and marine conditions due to the high content of micaceous iron oxide with lamellar characteristics. Can be applied in high film thicknesses. APECOAT HB MIO E93-75 is used as an intermediate and finish coat in epoxy polyurethane systems.


Approved by NMBS/SNCB, Belgium's national Railway company.


Steel, metallisation, hot-dip galvanisation treated with a suitable primer. 


Grey MIO. The following colours are also approved by the NMBS: MIO-blue: E93-76, MIO-red brown, E93-77 and MIO-pink: E93-78


Micaceous iron oxide.


Epoxy, polyamide, micaceous iron oxide.