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  • Primer
  • Quick dry
  • Epoxy
  • 2K
  • High Solids

Apecoat Primer HS E86

Two-component high-solids epoxy primer based on zinc phosphate.

Recommended use

Thixotropic primer to protect steel structures against corrosion in an aggressive environment. Good resistance against water, oils and light chemicals. Can be applied in high film thicknesses. APECOAT PRIMER HS E86 is used as a primer in high-quality epoxy polyurethane systems, with good performance on substrates that are not that well prepared. NOTE: Epoxy paints that are exposed to weathering will chalk and can change colour. The discoloration can already take place during construction.


Steel, hot-dip galvanisation treated with a suitable primer


Limited range of colours




Epoxy, special polyamide, zinc phosphate.