Fire-resistant paint for steel

  • Solventbased
  • Mat
  • Primer
  • Ultra quick dry
  • Epoxy
  • 2K
  • High Solids

Apecoat Primer HS E85

Two-component fast curing high-solids epoxy primer based on zinc phosphate.

Recommended use

Thixotropic primer to protect steel structures against corrosion in an aggressive environment. Good resistance against water, oils and light chemicals. Ultra-quick drying at low temperatures (in comparison with polyamide hardeners) Can be applied in high film thicknesses. APECOAT PRIMER HS E85 is used as a primer in high-quality epoxy polyurethane systems, with good performance on substrates that are not that well prepared. NOTE: Epoxy paints that are exposed to weathering will chalk and can change colour. The discoloration can already take place during construction.


Steel, hot-dip galvanisation and metallisation after suitable surface preparation


Limited range of colours




Epoxy, special polyamide, zinc phosphate