Fire-resistant transparent matt varnish on wood

Aalterpaint stocks a comprehensive range of fire-resistant products for application on wooden surfaces. We stock both transparent and coloured systems, which satisfy the latest European standards.

Renovation of a prestigious sports school

For the renovation of a prestigious sports school, a matt transparent system on pine was selected. The architect's requirement was to guarantee the highest level of protection according to the applicable European standards. The system additionally had to contain as few solvents as possible.

The solution for this project comprised a water-based fire-resistant paint that was applied in 2 coats, followed by a top coat of solvent-based varnish (with a consumption of just 100g/m²) to protect the fire-resistant undercoat. ‘The transparent fire-resistant varnish was particularly easy to apply’, the painter said. The use of a Graco Mark V pump at 200 bar and a 3.13 spray nozzle facilitated effortless and highly efficient application.

The architect was delighted with the product’s matt finish. The natural allure of the wood was retained whilst simultaneously guaranteeing the highest degree of protection against fire reaction.