Fenix Rotterdam

The area around the Rijnhaven is increasingly becoming the beating heart of Rotterdam. Residents of the Fenixlofts look out on the Rijnhaven to the iconic Wilhelminapier, with its imposing skyline and docking cruise ships. The Fenix sheds on the Veerlaan have a long and special history as the remains of the San Francisco shed of the Holland-America Line. Around 1900, these were the largest port storage sheds in the world.

Ecologically friendly and innovative system

The technical safety requirements for this project were of course very high. Not only during the construction phase, but also later on in order to provide optimum protection for the residents. That is why Aalterpaint's FIRETEX FX5090 was used for the major part of this project.

The advantage of this water-based fire paint is the minimal inconvenience for other contractors during the execution of the works: in contrast to solventbased paint, this paint never causes potential odour nuisance or fire hazard in closed spaces. Moreover, in terms of consumption, this is the best coating on the market so the number of litres and spray passes could also be limited. That made it possible to finish the job quickly and efficiently. Finally, this coating meets the European Standard EN 13381-8, which means that the structural steelwork is optimally protected.

In short, another successful application of an ecologically friendly and innovative system!