Art nouveau bridge Brussels

The term 'art nouveau' was coined in 1884 by the Belgian lawyers Octave Maus and Edmond Picard in their magazine L'Art Moderne, founded in 1881. It refers mainly to the work of avant-garde artists and designers of the late 19th century and the first years of the 20th century.

Pont du Charroi

A renowned example of this is the Pont du Charroi in Anderlecht. In order to restore this protected monument, the Aalterpaint system based on 3 layers was applied. This system was chosen to guarantee optimal protection, but also to ensure easy and effective maintenance.

The system consists of a zinc-rich Apecoat Zinc Primer E8 and a two-component epoxy micaceous iron oxide pigmented Apecoat MIO E93-75 to guarantee optimal protection. In addition, a topcoat was provided in AP GALV V425, a one-component system based on vinyl copolymers. This one-component system provides extra protection for this structure on the one hand, but also gives it a look that matches the architecture and is very easy to maintain on the other.

The works will be completed this autumn. All painting works are perfectly on schedule.