Successful renovation project on old lead paint

For the renovation of their workshop, our client was searching for a paint system that could readily adhere to old lead paints. Since the workplace would continue to be used throughout the painting works, they wished to work exclusively with solvent-free coatings. A solvent-free coating was also the preferred choice for ensuring optimal employee comfort and fire safety.

Industrial water-based paint

Aalterpaint conducted numerous on-site tests, using various types of paint, before ultimately choosing to work with Aquacoating D5280. This industrial water-based paint was found to exhibit optimal adhesion to all old paint systems. This coating was also the most surface-tolerant which, as certain structures were extremely difficult to clean, was an absolute must for this particular project.

The painters were extremely satisfied with the technical support provided by Aalterpaint and the system used throughout the project. Aquacoating D5280 gave exceptional coverage and was extremely easy to apply. The project was completed on schedule, immediately prior to the Christmas holidays, with one very satisfied customer as a result.